Industry and Virtue Joined
Written to accompany the museum's 2015 needlework exhibition, Industry and Virtue Joined includes close-up, color photos of more than 140 Maine and New Hampshire schoolgirl embroideries, along with biographical information about their makers.
$28.99, $4.99 shipping

From the Elegant to the Everyday
With color photographs of more than 50 garments – many never published before – From the Elegant to the Everyday highlights the major fashion trends that affected men's and women's clothing styles from the mid-18th to the mid-20th centuries.
$19.99, $4.99 shipping

I My Needle Ply With Skill
I My Needle Ply with Skill was written to accompany the Saco Museum exhibit of Maine schoolgirl needlework. This fascinating book includes color photos of, and information about, the more than one hundred Maine samplers in the exhibit.
$25.99, $4.99 shipping

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Current Exhibitions

Boom, Bust and Beauty: Commerce and Culture in Southern Maine, 1785-1835
May 28 - August 13, 2022
The Saco Museum presents Boom, Bust, and Beauty: Commerce and Culture in Southern Maine, 1785-1835. The early 19th century was an eventful time in southern Maine, a time when the boom times were alternating with the bad. The profitable lumber trade with the West Indies brought Maine ships laden with rum and molasses. Fine houses and fashionable goods flourished, but causes for celebration were tampered by the Embargo of 1807, the War of 1812, the "year without summer" of 1816, and other local disturbances. Using archival materials and rarely-seen objects from the museum's collection, Boom, Bust and Beauty will describe how these events affected the people of southern Maine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Pastel Painters of Maine Juried Exhibition
August 24 - October 21, 2022

The 18th Annual Festival of Trees
November 25 - December 29, 2022