Current Exhibitions

Craft and Comfort: Furniture for the Saco Home

May 18 - September 1

In the early Republic, the elite of coastal towns in Maine like Saco strived to fill their new homes with the most fashionable furniture available. The savvy shopper could purchase stylish veneered and inlaid furniture from talented local cabinetmakers such as Joshua Cumston and David Buckminster, or go farther afield and import items from larger cabinet shops in distant urban ports like Boston, Salem, and Portsmouth. Whether produced close to home or far away, the furniture that graced early Saco homes is proof of both the taste and sophistication of local consumers as well as the skill of New England craftsmen.

Craft and Comfort will feature highlights of the Saco Museum's collection of late 18th- and early 19th -century furniture. The exhibition will include fine examples from the Cumston and Buckminster shop, locally owned pieces made by emigre craftsmen John and Thomas Seymour, as well as other furniture produced by cabinetmakers in both York County and Massachusetts, some of which relate directly to printed design sources. It will also feature several pieces of seating furniture that retain their original under-upholstery, which will provide visitors with the rare opportunity to view the underpinnings of early 19th-century furniture. Period construction techniques will also be explored.

The exhibition runs from May 18 through September 1, 2019 at the Saco Museum, 371 Main Street, Saco, Maine. For more information visit or call 207-283-3861.