Teen FAQs

What's this page all about?
It's simple. We're here to help you connect with books, activities, interesting sites we've found on the Internet and, of course, other teens who also enjoy the library. Maybe, along the way, you'll discover other connections: to memorable characters in books, to fantastic universes you've never before imagined, and to a wider, more complex world. Welcome to TeenConnect!

How do I get a library card?
Teens 13 and up can get cards without the help of a parent. You need to bring something to the library that proves you either live in Saco, or if you don't, that you attend school here. Some things you could use: the envelope from mail you received at your Saco home address, your driver's license or learner's permit, your school ID card or your official school schedule.

What if I'm not 13 yet?
You will need to have your parent or guardian fill out and sign the application card.

Can you help me with my homework?
We can help you find the resources to get help. Our site contains many links to online homework help. In addition, we have lots of helpful books (bet you knew that!) Unfortunately, none of us are chemistry or calculus experts… [Click here for a list of helpful links]

I love to read. Can you suggest a good book?
We love to read, too. So, yes we can! Just ask. Tell us what you've enjoyed before and we can help you find similar books, or even steer you in an entirely different direction. If you're feeling shy, try Novelist on the MARVEL databases link for excellent suggestions. [Click here to link to MARVEL]
We're always looking for teens to read and provide us with an opinion of some of our new books. If you're interested, please talk to Laura Vickery in the children's room.

What kinds of programs do you have for teens?
What kinds of programs would you like? Please provide us with some suggestions! Here is a link to programs we have scheduled. [Click here for a current list]